South Korean ferry sinks – Relatives of victims of the Sewol ferry hold portraits of victims during a rally on April 5, 2015 in Seoul. Sewol, the passenger ferry that sank while travelling between the South Korean city of … The students on the ferry were in their second year, which would make most of them 16 or 17. Students who had been on board the ferry arrived at the Ansan, South Korea, courthouse under a heavy police presence Monday. Jun Michael Park / laif / Redux A sobbing Sewol mother bows to the funerary portraits of the ferry victims … At the high school, students were sent home and parents gathered for news about the ferry. Sewol Ferry Accident Memorial. A total of 245 out of the 325 Danwon High School students on … Objective: We monitored a group of students from Danwon High School who survived the Sewol ferry disaster for 27 months to examine the course of their psychological symptoms. The present study examined the prevalence and associated factors of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms among the surviving students 20 months after that disaster. Isn’t this the […] The Sewol had left the north-western port of Incheon on Tuesday for an overnight journey to the holiday island of Jeju in the south with 476 people aboard, including 323 students … Eerie pictures show the preserved classroom that belonged to the students and teachers killed during the South Korean Sewol ferry disaster. A set of human remains retrieved from the salvaged Sewol ferry wreck has been identified as one of four students who remained unaccounted for following the 2014 disaster, officials said today. The principal of a high school, which lost 244 students and 10 teachers in the deadly Sewol ferry disaster in April, has been removed from his post, according to the local education office. The ferry was mostly carrying high school students who were on a field trip, and out of 325 students only 75 survived. Fans have long speculated that the lyrics in BTS' 'Spring Day', alludes to the tragic 2014 Sewol ferry disaster. Background: The Sewol ferry disaster caused national shock and grief in Korea. Sewol disaster victims: The bedrooms they left behind Photographers and artists remember the child victims of the South Korean ferry disaster. The Sewol ferry sank on 16 April off Jeju island, killing 304 people. Yonhap News Agency obtained this excerpt of a text message sent by a Korean student aboard the Sewol ferry. Survivors of South Korea's Sewol ferry disaster have begun testifying against the captain and crew. The 16 April sinking of the Sewol ferry left more than 300 dead or missing, many of whom were students. This is a translation by CBC News. The South Korean ferry capsized while carrying 476 people (officially announced number, but actually unknown), mostly secondary school students from … 3K likes. Methods: We performed a chart review at the Danwon High School Mental Health Center at the following time points (T): 9 months (T1), 12 months (T2), and 15 months (T3) after the disaster. A funeral service for three Danwon High School students killed in the sinking of the ferry Sewol takes place at the school compound in Ansan, south of Seoul South Korea ferry disaster The mother of Sewol ferry disaster victim, Danwon High School student Lim Kyung-Bin, attends a rally to pay tribute to the victims of the ferry disaster on April 11, 2015, Seoul, South Korea. The above video, “In the Absence,” shows what happened inside the M.V. The bedroom of … The Sewol Ferry Disaster was a tragic event in Korea. A disaster began to quietly unravel on the morning of April 16, 2014, when the ‘MV Sewol’ ferry, bound for Jeju Island in South Korea carrying 476 passengers, including 325 students on a school trip began to sink. Jung Hye-suk, mother of Park Sung-ho, a high school student who died in the Sewol ferry disaster, poses for a photograph in her son’s room, as well as details of objects, in Ansan April 7, 2015. The sinking of the MV Sewol (Korean: 세월호 침몰 사고; Hanja: 世越號沉沒事故)[6] occurred on 16 April 2014 en route to Jeju from Incheon.