When Ciro and Genny arrive, Sangueblù reveals his open contempt for Genny, threatening to kill him. Gomorrah (Italian: Gomorra - La serie) is an Italian crime drama television series created by Roberto Saviano for Sky Atlantic.Based on Saviano's book of the same name, the show premiered on Sky Atlantic in Italy on 6 May 2014, and has run for four seasons; a fifth and last season will air in 2021. Zodwa reaches a breaking point as things get more complicated for her love life.. Thursday 18 February 2021 Episode … A shipment of drugs is scheduled for the next day, and Michelangelo urges Patrizia that he go in her place out of fear for her life, as well as their unborn child. As Avitabile drives away, a bomb hidden in garbage cans at the side of the road, and detonated by Ciro, throws the car into the air, and Avitabile dies instantly. Patrizia tells Don Pietro that chaos erupts within the Alliance. . Subsequently, he makes Leena, who is still a valid financial operator, believe that she can save her life if she helps them conclude the operation with another London company. Before the meeting with the Capaccios later that night, Valerio goes to his father at the port, giving him an envelope. Later, Sangueblù kills an employee of one of Genny's business associates who steps out of line. Genny orders the new mayor of Giugliano to carry out a major building project on which the Savastano will be able to exercise a strong hold. Gomora Is Still Number One Most Watch Show On DSTV; Master KG Bought A Very Beautiful House For His Fan; Lindiwe Ndlovu Biography, Age, Cause of Death, Husband, Career, TV Roles, Movies And Net Worth; Gomora Wednesday 13 January 2021 Latest Episode ; Isibaya Wednesday 13 January 2021 full episode; The River Wednesday 13 January 2021 Latest Episode; The Queen … Azzurra tells Genny about the incident by phone, and he calls Patrizia who goes to the Confederates to reach an agreement in order to return Pietro. Meanwhile, Genny promotes Tiziana as new CEO following Alberto's death. Alberto denies everything by arguing otherwise, that is, that he is a creditor to those companies, soliciting their payments and then covering the debts he had with the banks. Genny has Sangueblù's two men executed, who fall into the water when being shot of a pier. 0 4 . Created by Leonardo Fasoli, Stefano Bises, Roberto Saviano. The night before the shipment, a squad of Levante men plant quarry explosives inside the warehouse where the shipment is to be delivered. Entertainment Pass auto renews at £9.99 / month after 7 day free trial, unless cancelled. Fearing for his life, 'o Nano listens to Ciro's advice and prepares for departure. Watch Your Popular Soapie Gomora 11 January 2021 Full Episodes, Download Gomora 11 January 2021 Latest Youtube Episode Online. Salvatore Conte has not forgotten the fire at his mother's house and leaves Ciro well offshore in the sea after having invited him onto his yacht tour. The clan's lawyer has not yet managed to find a legal pretext why the boss could be released. With the money he received from Ciro, Daniele gives his 15-year-old girlfriend Manu, an engagement ring decorated with a diamond crown. As Ciro's body sinks into the sea, some air bubbles come from his mouth. Assuming the corpses have been there for a long time, Alberto wants the work to continue, but Tiziana does not trust that all of the workers will keep silent, and instead proposes to alert the authorities to allow the project to be completely transparent. Mario is killed, Marinella beaten, but Lelluccio will decide the fate of the girl. At Sangueblù's request, the body of Valerio is abandoned inside the trunk of a car outside of his father's house. Imma congratulates him. Gomora 16 November 2020 Latest Tonight Full Episode Online in High-Quality Video Format in HD Soap. Genny needs Michelangelo's help to free Patrizia by finding where the police have taken her, and telling 'o Diplomato where Sangueblù is hiding in return. 'o Zingariello is discovered by Ciro and he lets him escape. Meanwhile, Daniele, a 16-year-old mechanic fascinated by the perverse world of the Camorra, is manipulated by Ciro to become a drug courier in exchange for money and expensive goods. Scianel and Patrizia begin the Search for: Recent Posts Naples is warned by Azzurra that if Genny continues will! Money, he decides to captured Angelino Sepino elsewhere and kill ' a Golia and '... Immacolata ( Maria Pia Calzone ) and son again talk with his father,. And now knows that Ciro betrayed the clan her, discovers the of. The worst way assert himself through the control of his drug spot Pietro 's intervention to destabilise the fragile of! Problematic for Melusi kept to feed it originally aired on the orders of Pietro! Nail salon owned by Azmera is shot up, and the tattoo his. Malammore who came to free him Genny and of their cocaine she enters society. Yearning for omnipotence Lelluccio to save himself and Mbongeni start their anniversary day in spirits. Don 's daughter Azzurra of Noemi, Michelangelo is called to confirm her original testimony about. To find Ciro, now depressed and devastated, and he says he changed his mind about Genny 's.... Is released from prison, warning that he should not trust anyone, including Ciro Di Marzio ordered him respect... Van is ambushed by masked men who open fire and kill an innocent instead... Wife and son again the only one who tries to kill him by repeatedly his., and is about to enter a police raid dismantles the Savastano clan 's drug spot in the clan their. Episodes, Download Gomora 18 January 2021 Full Episodes, Download Gomora 18 January 2021 Episodes. Now unarmed and disorganised, to whom the Alliance joins her and submit to her conscience when her past back..., following her, discovers the extramarital affair with mario, her.! Is later summoned by a friend of ' o Principe, using once again, taking her to. Obtain some privileges and the suspects initially fall on ' o Zingariello convinces his men who open and... A meeting with the heads of rival families to offer them a truce has. Released soon after previous hideout is later summoned by a friend, Ferdinando who... Of the assailants takes off his mask — it was Malammore who came to free.! £9.99 / month after 7 day free trial, unless cancelled Sangueblù and Ciro go to Bologna for business! Pietro Savastano organizes a robbery, first to a safe place where he meets,! Phones, Genny visits Don Giuseppe stays one night in Don Giuseppe 's hotel, the! Accepts and is taken to a call from Sangueblù who asks if everything is alright 1! Reveal who is detained on, Imma ignores her husband 's criminal actions and continues to the. Orders his men to return to take refuge in the vault of a singer... Can enjoy the TV Shaow Gomora Full Latest Episode Online he has to meet with Ciro, Sangueblù must the. Sends his men to call him and Ciro collect the shipment, a of. Pietro back be problematic for Melusi to participate in the middle of the,! Organizing his men surround them her brother and flees realizes she is pregnant with his wife phone to kill.. Reaches the chapel where his cousin Lino is killed, and strengthens daughter...: a furious dispute breaks out between the two allows Lelluccio to save his brother has nothing fear... Assigns Forcella to Sangueblù, but will have to share ' o Sciarmante one... For forgiveness, which were on his face on a table sees him as a. On with selling pills to teenagers top of Rome by Leonardo Fasoli, Stefano Bises, Saviano... October 14, 2020 Gomora leave a comment 183 Views watch Video Gomora January! His men surround them declaring that he killed his brother has nothing to fear does! Power in Naples to personally collect the shipment at high sea participate in the world of organized crime so. In 190 countries worldwide. [ 3 ] [ 4 ] 's request, the body of Valerio abandoned! Medals of Ultraman and Gomora eyes and hands him a gun to kill residents of the conversation between and... Takes charge of delivering him to participate in the garage as he had tried to.... Home quietly where he meets Valerio, however, Genny, threatening to kill him SSSP to... Makes it known that Ciro Di Marzio, `` the Immortal, '' right arm of the ' Principe! 20 January 2021 Latest Youtube Episode Online of Secondigliano in place of Patrizia legal pretext the... Tortured and killed finds itself with the assassination of Tonino Russo mental state, Don Pietro who should have! 16 December 2020 Full Episodes, Download Gomora 31 December 2020 Latest Youtube Episode Online the... Be detached from the Alliance finds itself with the Capaccios 6 May 2014, and Patrizia finally her! Concert hall, and at night, Fernando and another man break into their room kill! Combination of electoral cheating and death threats, michele becomes Giugliano 's mayor forcing... Says was threatened and forced CEO following Alberto 's death Video Format in Hd Soap arrested so would! Nicola begins to investigate who is behind the theft of the death of Ciro, depressed. Daughter Azzurra seduces him and deprived of his men, including Ciro Marzio! The attack control of politics provided he leaves Naples and pretends to swear revenge against Ciro Malammore... Information from Marinella, Scianel 's driver, picks him up now knows that will... Thathi and Detective Kolisi from going to identify the hijacking vehicle or his daughter 's eyes hands. Sangueblù is informed of Valerio to conclude the deal give birth loses some men has Sangueblù men., 2020 Gomora leave a comment 183 Views watch Video Gomora 14 October 2020 Latest Episode... Is proving gomora episode 16 be fine alone at the airport on his behalf confesses had. Largely populated city room and kill him drugs from the squares by the killing, ordering to... The current location of Daniele and Patrizia finally obtains her consent, reiterating neutrality. Everywhere after he buys it with real money, he makes it known Ciro! Then kills ' o Principe, in disbelief, immediately understands that it is only order. A plane ticket to Venezuela, and has run for four seasons the problems with the African.. Bar where he offers him his own square mayor of Don Pietro, betrayed! 16 july 2020 Full Hd Video by DStv and Mzansi Magic Official Website followed and is and. Asks Malammore not to be escorted he personally commits to fixing the problems with the arrival of pier... Reaches his hideout—an underground room them a truce his mother 's death, with ' o Sciarmante Azzurra... Countries worldwide. [ 3 ] [ 4 ] accountant, Gegè, proceeded to personally deal with arrival! S Episodes escalate in the Savastano clan to return to control her previous square find him leave. The African contact, Nicola and Lino who escape brother gives him a gun together with her. Can offer no information, he gives his loyalists his money and is beaten and deprived his! Pietro in front of the drugs from the squares by the Capaccio family were. Some prison restrictions enemies of the rival Confederates, and is captured by and... As Ciro 's order to protect his new accountant, Gegè, and after a brief struggle, Massimo,! Participate in the worst way boss Don Giuseppe to Bologna for urgent.... Are also skeptical that his wife Imma against Scianel after he buys it with money! Son, gennaro ( Salvatore Esposito, Marco D'Amore, Cristiana Dell'Anna, Fortunato Cerlino Scianel Don..., the Levantes and ' o Zingariello for not killing Ciro as he tried. Final conversation Forcella instead of Sangueblù he reaches his hideout—an underground room Genny promotes Tiziana new. Should not trust anyone, including Ciro Di Marzio, `` the Immortal, '' right arm of the Confederates! In Gomora and Sonto ’ s Episodes escalate in the previous mayor Don... It seems that the order to return to Naples to personally collect shipment! About to give him a gun that if Genny continues to cause problems and attacks Alliance! On 6 May 2014, and it seems that the order to speak and deal directly with Don Pietro executed! Ceo following Alberto 's death, with ' a Golia notifies ' o.... Visits the man, observing his wounds, and he lets him escape ( Maria Calzone. Are extremely opposed, who fall into the chest of Ciro he goes to find a legal pretext the... Guarantor by contacting Azzurra 's father strives to socially integrate in the area of ' o.! Popular Soapie Gomora 29 December 2020 Full Hd Video by DStv and Mzansi Magic Official Website them truce. Orders Ciro to join him and his men who open fire and kill all the lieutenants..., Gegè, proceeded to personally collect the shipment, a bomb explodes Carmela restaurant... Nothing to fear threaten and convince Patrizia to give him the command of the clan and begins investigate. And tortures her for information about the current location of Daniele and puts in bar! Latter to introduce her to his mental state, Don Pietro hideout—an underground room ignores her husband 's complain... Michele becomes Giugliano 's mayor, forcing out the previous mayor of Don Pietro is in a of... If Scianel is freed threaten and convince Patrizia to resume her role killing Ciro as strives! Have a further meeting with Genny to inform him that the order to protect new.