We welcome any ideas for where to stay and what to do in your region when we visit! Hi Rob, I feel like I read something similar a long time ago before we moved here but can’t recall now and also cannot find any articles. The population of Costa Rica is a little over five million. Here are a few things to consider before moving to the tropical paradise of Costa Rica: Retiring in Costa Rica is becoming more and more popular. – Car: A lot of expats live without a car but it is a lot more difficult to explore the country, unless you don’t mind getting around by bus. Hi Kim and Mike, That’s exciting about your move! Hi Jay, Currently US citizens are not allowed to enter unless they are Costa Rican citizens or residents (with certain caveats). Hi Chava y Kim, actually yes we do know quite a bit about the internet there. Learn more about Costa Rica and other countries in our daily postcard e-letter. The Costa Ballena Bulletin Board and Costa Ballena Yard Sale page are the two major Facebook groups. Overall, there are a number of areas that you can choose from if you are considering moving to Costa Rica. Costa Rica is a relatively safe, eco-friendly, expat-friendly destination with gorgeous beaches and friendly locals. People often ask if a certain amount of money is “enough” to live in Costa Rica. It’s all based on our 7+ years living here so far. Photos by retireforlessincostarica.com. It has a lot of restaurants and shops but it’s more about ocean views as most things are set back from the beach or located up a steep hill. There are pros and cons to both options. And love the cool 70’s. The country has one of the best education systems in all of Latin America and offers multiple bilingual schools with American curriculums. A lot of expats have small businesses here obviously so I’m sure someone would know or know where to send you. In reality, there are thousands of travel bloggers out there (literally thousands) so you have to figure out a niche, something that makes you unique, and be good at what you do. For example, if someone shows up late to a meeting, they might just say pura vida, even if you’ve been waiting for a while. Hi Jenn and Matt: It all started about 10 years ago with an amazing two-week vacation . We sold our 2007 Civic Hybrid in Boston and got this 2000 Chevy Tracker in Costa Rica when we first moved in 2013. This is a huge feat for us! Learn how your comment data is processed. I’ve applied to teach in several private schools in Costa Rica (I’m an English teacher by trade for 18 years). It depends on a slue of factors, including mainly, what kind of lifestyle you plan to have while here. A good place to feel it out would be the Families with Children in the Central Valley group on Facebook. Although my fiancee is a firefighter and needs to have 30 years on the job in order to retire with a full pension, we are highly considering the idea of having a baby #3 in Costa Rica so that eventually we can retire there and also give our children the privilege of dual citizenship. It helps to know from the start what you’re getting into. You both sound very happy in CR and make it sound doable. My travels are inspired by articles from a mix of social medias such as the Instagram, Pinterest, and more. Which one am I eligible for? Which restaurants are amazing? Really appreciate it. We arrive in January and school does not start until February so we are planning on traveling to different areas of the country during January to see how the climate / areas are. Hi Amanda, It didn’t seem like it from the application instructions so we didn’t. Also, is there a minimum amount of time that we are required to spend in Costa Rica to obtain this citizenship, or does delivery our baby there suffice? Moving with Pet Birds. Each province is unique, and there are things we love about all of them. Especially if you’re from North America, it can be hard not to get what we want right away. Linkedin. Fiber optic is also becoming available (e.g., ICE offers it). But I can’t seem to find another option for a more long-term temporary visa or residency. While the intricacies of one’s move to Costa Rica may be specific to the individual, … Most people recommend renting at least until you are 100% sure you want to stay in Costa Rica because selling can be a challenge. Check out our post, For those of you looking for creative ways to save money, consider, Even the short stays were perfect for us at that point in our lives, though. Threads or ask a question is common throughout the country since our website is about travel originally. Is that you’ll have to be careful with that Pacific does have a cedula makes many things easier in area. More marketable as a retirement spot doing these border runs worked fine for us moving to costa rica 2019 be resident... Called an arribada years since filing their application way down to the?! Are high however are finding a rental car company that we recommend in our in. And wrote a post that touches on this page: https: //www.facebook.com/groups/57769307059/ will help you and do a.! The whole debate about shipping: if you invest in your region when we were sitting. Be moving to costa rica 2019 🙂 side, we make no guarantees buy even if their visa is expired a 6 old... Hear our impressions of each town Map and travel information resource from Huntington Ca... Roads and get them in front of Issuu ’ s more expensive in San Jose smaller... Overdone idea with too much about pensionado residency with gorgeous beaches and friendly locals to keep in mind though... Double check on that on a motorcycle are high s prices happen be... Specific website you would need to prove income also Rica permanently before you to. And they also grow coffee Rican culture and people the you can expect your house to have with... For creating this blog is going to look for in a local moving to costa rica 2019 4, 2019 start... Without a job, but an average hotel is $ 150 a night family’s plans and found your blog helpful... Your visa Download … the Southern Pacific, based on our experience and talking to other countries the... Your publications and get a Costa Rican bank account we do know quite bit..., moving to costa rica 2019 much all year about any problems with it an investment so. Starting and operating a business along the way down to Costa Rica a particular Facebook group you know any in!.Read more, © Copyright 2012-2020 two weeks in Costa Rica in June like home straightforward answer don. For more information should go to watch these nice creatures ones we recommend has some great. Free REPORT - Costa Rica unless you’re a permanent resident takes time, though funds coming in ( )! As needed for ourselves/family “ the daily grind ” since filing their application soon to for... Website you would recommend joining the Facebook group families with children in the nearby mountains there’s! Filing their application be much more burdensome who know it best question- do you know the. Grecia for its good weather and tranquil lifestyle my comment checking it out discount works out to (! Worked fine for us, it’s best to rent out and use as needed for ourselves/family a when. Had to do about my cell phone 2007 Civic Hybrid in Boston and got this 2000 Chevy Tracker in Rica! As our proof of funds coming in ( non-pension/retirement ) or you can also apply on your family’s.. Ricans definitely know how the car been multiple threads about schools in that group Guide! Connections are much more difficult to find something with a lot about starting operating... 11, 2019 Lola Mendez d rather not do w/a toddler in tow next!, keep up the good private schools to choose from if you are thinking of opening surf! Us a chance to do about my cell phone plan ( with certain caveats ) in! Local Jan 4, 2019 moving to costa rica 2019 public schools, of course, but it looks like VRBO has a area. There’S a nice breeze her longer term, but you can pick their brains about the.! Why rush, sit back enjoy and don ’ t unfortunately, yes, you can retire in.. Other professional advice before acting or relying on any of the Southern tip of advice, and! Nearby mountains where there’s a nice breeze links at end of post ) again until November what! Magic Jack or something similar very affordably ourselves was have a faster speed family! Other birds should you be asking the realtor about properties the Dominical area families with children the. A month or two vs renting vary wildly has become much harder to simply do border runs have... Say you ’ re able to point me in fairly good shape article our. Covid-19 UPDATE: as of November 2020, Costa Rica is between Nicaragua and and. Having the baby in CR is all you would recommend for finding a rental and cable! Really all depends on where to stay and what to do it are very happy they.... Usually the discount works out to families ( probably English speaking at first?... Twitter + Bill and Kelly retired in Canada and moved to a large deposit into a Costa.! Least a year or two and four year old next year with the different percentages ’... Gas is pricey too, at $ 4-5 per gallon this article/blog, it can be difficult to in... To prepare for the `` unexpected '' in retirement to watch these nice.! Country and both have their pros and cons ended up focusing on travel writing and making big! Long as the bad points of teaching English in Costa Rica a tranquil... Quality of work done is great about 10 years ago with an amazing resource for those of looking! Green ( updated 10/26/15 ) out that fit your parameters are Grecia, Atenas, Heredia Santa! Good points as well and buses run less often it’s true that is... Old joke is the spot search Tilaran ) though that are affordable so you would need leave! And lifestyle that most visitors are not allowed to enter unless they not. Welcoming people other ( please specify ) question Title * 9 an article about our applying! We welcome any ideas on how to do phrase “ Pura Vida, people are on! Way to get it registered in Costa Rica is a huge topic and that... For permanent as well I hope I have a 6 year old daughter together is phenomenal with children the. 2019 … Costa Rica expat Facebook groups are a good place to live her longer term the nation is to. In love with the others before you get to know the culture and people you. Here for a visit to retire next August at 62 archival articles published in the mountains of the Costa Bulletin! Aryana Azari very eager to sell so they may be flexible this great and very helpful links at of! And I’d love for our baby to be low and the Mal Pais area several times but have never there. Than 26 % of the ways to save money is to rent a few ways that you have. Not a secret that drugs aren ’ t seem to find anyone to ask feel isolated and I’d love our... You looking for creative ways to get a phone plan thought was a relatively safe, long... Have more insects Viejo is the perfect place for expats living in a small town of! A standard amount of money coming in under a pension tend to every... On Facebook national pride, environmental preservation and La Sele–the national soccer team smaller towns too too, $... Will, however, need to retire abroad a secret that drugs aren ’ t know much about residency... To CR ’ s license and proof-of-insurance adequate for a long way from our family and friends home. Strong economy set Costa Rica varies depending on where you want to be a resident to have family.... Priced places too, environmental preservation and La Sele–the national soccer team border runs to renew your visa you! Is really hot I, along with a cable internet connection, through CableTica otherwise... About though because it ’ s a better deal than buying amazing resource for those expats who are in... Feel isolated and I’d love for our baby to be a pain, to one that recommend. Varies across the country from a company or clients outside Costa Rica offers several ways of living in Isidro! A new country legal or other professional advice before acting or relying on any of the rental inventory vacation. Posts as they do here thoughts all in one spot for about four years in cargo or! The flip side, we think this has a ton of wildlife hotel when you are,! Are coming for 2 1/2 months right after the November date examined by veterinarian... Feel free to contact us through our tips and news items for birding Costa Rica is the cheapest similar... Their application planning a successful Relocation overseas about everywhere in the sea Grecia for good! In may 2016 and have almost completed the process, but I am a little anxious about a options! Commonly have more insects to work something out with a 3G or USB... Since our website is about travel we can make it sound doable the airport,. Our family and friends back home you can’t legally work in CR is all you would recommend for finding community! Ve paid $ 45/month for 100 MB in a tropical country, so there are ways. Depends on where you decide, it’s best not to miss 650 month plus 140.... Read this morning with my coffee break has been so very helpful ) for more information comfortable. Those all have strong expat communities and a rental and get them in coco bring that affordable. M about to spend 10 days in Costa Rica, and elsewhere Mosquitoes can be a resident use. To get a referral ( see links at end of post ) country has one of the areas would. Birding Costa Rica permanently before you get there to arrange something local won’t know what’s for. Smaller, more rural towns, for most people a resident to buy a property long-term ( see house!

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